The Factory that Manufactures Badassery!

A place where anyone, from anywhere, can go through the Factory, and come out a BADASS… In Life, Relationships and Business! The Factory was constructed by Andre & Tami Popa, an entrepreneurial power couple building businesses together for almost two decades. Through their own experiences overcoming poverty mindset, fear, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety, and other similar success blockers, they were able to achieve massive success personally and professionally.

Through the years, their passion for helping others achieve greater levels of Badassery grew, and they began sharing their knowledge and experiences through various platforms, Personal Coaching and Public Speaking. As the demand for this education increased, Badassery Factory was born.


Badassery Factory Founders

Andre Popa was born in Romania under Communism. His family made the journey to America when he was 9 years old with nothing but each other. No English, no money, no choice but to work hard as a family to survive. His parents were both Electricians as their “assigned trade” back in Communist Romania, so taking that skill set, they did whatever jobs they could find, and eventually started their own company. After all, that was the “American Dream”!

In the Factory, you’ll unleash your inner BADASS through specific Training Systems, Coaching, and Events in the Self Development and Entrepreneurial Space.

We’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love by tackling your “success blockers”, and empowering you with new tools and beliefs that serve you.

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“Every great teacher is a great learner. Every great speaker is a great listener.”

The Popas have been keynote speakers on stages all over the world together and individually. Covering such topics as …
  • Move Your Audience into Action
  • Small or Large Group platforms
  • Understanding the Bag of Bricks (Blockages)
  • Understanding the Subconscious Mind (Patterns/Habits)

Jake Owen

The day I met Andre Popa is the day my whole life changed for the absolute better. His training, advice and strict guidelines are priceless and will forever be with me for the remainder of my life. Before I started my training with Andre, I was hardworking journeyman electrician just barely making endsmeat with no real direction and far from a successful future. Once Andre took me under his wing, he showed me what true potential I could have and how I can reach it. After 6 months I was completely transformed and today I am part of the best construction management and development company with a bright future and endless capabilities. Honestly if it wasn’t for Andre and Tami Popa putting their efforts and time into me as a person, I will not be the man I am today, and I am extremely happy, confident, and BADASS!

Denise Zoster Dehn

I want to personally Thank You for touching my life in a way I never imagined. I absolutely love your vibration, your passion, content, and BADASS. I will never look at life the same way nor think so small. I am a badass with BIG DREAMS and desires. I will no longer have a great day but I will MAKE it a great day, everyday. Much love for inspiring me!

David Robertson

In 30 years of being Self-employed I have met hundreds of people that have been extremely influential in my life .. However, one person that truly stands out above the rest is Andre with Badassery Factory.. Andre has been such an incredible mentor and coach to bring out the best in me ,and make me so successful in making millions of dollars in my businesses…Thank you Andre for you amazing coaching and friendship.. My life is forever changed…

Gerek Tiberius Allen

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with and being mentored by Andre & Tami, and what stands out the most is their integrity. While mentors uplift you and give you great advice, what really separates them is they will be honest with you, even if it’s uncomfortable… because they come from a place of love.”

Scott Goshorn

Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

Andre and Tami have been such an amazing catapult to my real estate and entrepreneurial journey. Their guidance and education during my first rehab project in Ohio was unparalleled. I can’t thank Andre enough for his vision, attention to detail ,and assistance on the project. They will be with me each step of the way!”

August Secor

My experience with Andre Popa’s mentorship has been and continues to be exceptional. Andre doesn’t just ask you about your story but he actually listens, hears it so that he can meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go. He gives firm advice, pushes you outside your comfort zone and isyour cheerleader the whole way. Our conversations are always lead by thought-provoking questions that empower me to have huge a-ha moments for my own growth that I can then implement into my life and business as well. He is a thought leader in his field and is always pursuing more growth, more success and more tools to help us grow as well. Andre has become family to me and I am so grateful to have his friendship, mentorship and support now and in the future.

Terry Thayer

I have known Andre for the past few years, and we’ve been working together for the past year. I consider him a very good friend that would do anything for me as I would do the same for him. More than that, I consider him one of my Mentors. He has taught me so much about life, business, family and about my own self. He has given me the power to see my inner self in a way I never have and ultimately this has allowed me to show up as a better, more powerful man, husband, father, boss and mentor to others. I value my time with Andre and always look forward to the times we get to spend together.

Chris Mueller

Director of Business Development, Aprilia Moto Guzzi, Portland

If you are looking for someone to not just help you build your business acumen, but to teach you how to generate wealth ethically, then Andre Popa is your man. Being around the “influencer” crazed market, I was tired of the fakes, and invested in a real business owner. Someone with a real team and with real experience. Andre has helped me not just as businessman and entrepreneur, but he has helped me build confidence in my personal life and to better my core relationships. If you are wanting real results and are tired of these masterminds that leave you with zero value, invest in Andre. If you put 100% in, I guarantee you will be excited about the results.

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