Are you leaving Money on the Table?

That was my first lesson in Business!
Is your Audience, Team or Group stuck, stagnating or just ready for that next level?

The immediate results Global Audiences have received from getting their asses kicked by us have been staggering!
There’s a ton of fluff out there today that will tell your group what they “want” to hear so they can feel good about themselves for a couple of days!

At Badassery Factory we say it like it is! Tough LOVE! We believe that every kick in the ass is a step forward!

  • How to Believe you can do anything!
  • How to ONLY get the Results you want!
  • Mastering the 5XW System…
    • – WHO: Who you are showing up as to Yourself, Family, Business, Job, etc is everything!
    • – WHAT: What you want and what you REALLY want are very different!
    • – WHEN: When do you want it? Have you had enough? Tired of playing small?
    • – WHERE: Knowing where you are int the journey is a crucial metric for pivoting purposes!
    • – WHY: The Motherload! If your Why doesn’t make you Cry, you might be wasting your time!

There’s only 1 goal… To feel and take action as a BADASS!

Speaking Fees range from $12,000- $18,000 plus expenses. 
Emcee Fees vary depending on length of event. 

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