Group Training

Badassery Factory

This experience is typically a 1 or 2 day event designed exclusively for your Team or Group!

Once we have your Badasses focused and clear on the 5XW System, described below, then we stack your Brand’s vision and goals on their foundation and create RESULTS for all involved!

  • Mastering the 5XW System…
    • – WHO: Who you are showing up as to Yourself, Family, Business, Job, etc is everything!
    • – WHAT: What you want and what you REALLY want are very different!
    • – WHEN: When do you want it? Have you had enough? Tired of playing small?
    • – WHERE: Knowing where you are in the journey is a crucial metric for pivoting purposes!
    • – WHY: The Motherload! If your Why doesn’t make you Cry, you might be wasting your time!

There’s only 1 goal… To feel and take action as a BADASS!

Group Training Fees for in person or zoom, $25,000 per day plus expenses.


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